There seem to be three kinds of new release weeks on the App Store: weeks where we’re flush with great new games, weeks where we’re lean, and weeks where an 800lb gorilla distracts us from everything else that’s happening.

This is an 800lb gorilla week.

But if you’re somehow not sinking every spare moment into Hearthstone on your iPhone, don’t worry — there are still some new iPhone and iPad games coming out tonight that are well worth trying.


A mellow, mobile twist on pinball? We can dig that. Players will knock balls loose from the ceiling (think Breakout) and then use them multiball-style to clear the remaining balls.

Garfield: Survival of the Fattest

Hate Mondays? Love lasagna? Wish you had a game like The Simpsons: Tapped Out, only with a cat? The latest game from Pixowl (The Sandbox, Greedy Grub) should satisfy all of your camp-building, kitty-loving, Nermel-hating needs.


The team at Gamenauts have published some pretty neat games in the past, including the outstanding side-scrolling strategy game King’s League: Odyssey. Their latest publishing effort is a minimalist puzzler with a single goal: stack all the layers.

Tiny Guardians

Speaking of King’s League Odyssey, the developers behind it are releasing a new game of their own tonight. Kurechii are describing Tiny Guardians as “tower defense with a twist,” and once again, it looks like they’ve put a great new spin on pocket strategy games worth checking out.


Racing games seem to lean pretty heavily on the need to drift nowadays, so why not make a game where that’s all you do? The latest release from publisher Chillingo, MegaDrift puts a big fat “DRIFT” button in the center of the screen. Touch it, reach the checkpoint, repeat.

Captain Rocket

Earlier this week, Ketchapp teased that a sequel to one of their most popular games would be coming this month. I’m not sure if Captain Rocket is said sequel, but the art style bears a striking resemblance to Spring Ninja, so… maybe? In Captain Rocket, you’ll jump from missile to missile in an attempt to travel as many meters as you can. The twist? Those missiles are firing towards you, so you can’t exactly ride them to victory.