Puzzle-battling games are still pretty hot, and Gameloft is getting ready to drop into the party with its own genre entry called Battle Odyssey.

Battle Odyssey takes place in the world of Pondera. Pondera is brimming with magic, and where there’s magic, there’s the potential for evil. Sure enough, bad guys have moved in and are wrecking the neighborhood.

Boring old firearms and plastic explosives aren’t going to do the trick here. You need to enlist the aid of Pondera’s fantastic residents, including fire-slinging monkeys and sentient cacti (do not shake hands when you meet).


As in Puzzle & Dragons, you summon your elemental allies to attack corrupt monsters by matching up like-colored orbs. The more you match, the more powerful your attack. You can also grow and evolve your monsters to help them perform more powerful attacks.

Battle Odyssey looks like good fun for fans of raising monsters and knocking orbs around. It hits iOS and Android on April 23.