Earlier this year, we caught wind of a Rovio soft-launch in Thailand that set the Angry Birds franchise loose on the popular match-3/battle genre. Today, the company formally announced the game that, for all intents and purposes, we knew was coming. Angry Birds Fight! will be coming to mobile devices later this Spring.

But today’s announcement isn’t what has me wowed — it’s the two videos that joined it. Above you’ll find a teaser trailer that seems to celebrate what Rovio is dubbing the “cultural mash-up” nature of the game. In this case, Red Bird Sumo.

Even better though, is the video you’ll find below. It’s a teaser trailer for an Angry Birds Fight! music video from the Japanese pop/dance group Tempura Kidz. If the whole thing is as wacky cool as these 23 seconds, you’d better believe we’ll be sharing it here the minute it goes live.