Late in March we brought you news of Paradise Bay; a new King game about island-building and trade that had quietly soft-launched on the Canadian App Store. As it turns out, this isn’t the only new game King is testing. Thanks to a tip from Gamezebo reader and Twitter friends @5_0_R_1_A, we’ve learned of another.

Making it’s debut on Google Play in select regions (we’re honestly not sure which), Splish Splash Saga soft-launched to select Android gamers on April 1st.


Unlike Paradise Bay, Splish Splash Saga looks to play in familiar puzzle territory for King. We haven’t had a chance to go hands-on yet (alas, it’s region-locked), but it sounds as though there may be a path-creating element added to their traditional matching motif this time around. From the Google Play description:

“The tub toys need your help to rescue a lost friend. Slide the soaps to create a path and travel the realm in search of her. Will you be a soap star and help the gang to reach their missing buddy?”


With Paradise Bay trying something decidedly different for the company, it’s no surprise they’re trying to temper its launch with something that should appeal to their existing audience. And let’s face facts: if you like match-3 games, that’s you.

Keep an eye on Gamezebo for more Splish Splash Saga news as we learn it.