Last Fall, Activision did the impossible. They released a AAA console game on tablets day and date with the various living room versions. And what’s more, it was perfect. There wasn’t a single complaint to be had about the tablet version of Skylanders: Trap Team.

I had hoped this would usher in an era of AAA console games seeing mobile releases, but it hasn’t happened again. At least not until now. And once again, we have Activision to thank.

Guitar Hero Live was announced this morning as the next entry in the (recently dormant) music franchise, and this time it will put players in a first-person perspective on stage, with crowds of actual human beings who react to the quality of your performance. Players will also have access to GHTV, “a 24-hour mode that lets fans play along to a continually-updated collection of official music videos,” according to today’s press release.

These all sound like great twists on a familiar formula, but the one thing we really care about is this: in addition to home consoles, Guitar Hero Live will be fully playable on tablets and mobile phones.

With a new Rock Band announced not too long ago, I suppose it was only a matter of time until Guitar Hero did the same. There’s a whole new generation of gamers who missed out on these the first time (yes, it really was that long ago), and as a music fan, I can’t help be be pleased to see my favorite plastic instruments making a comeback.

Expect Guitar Hero Live on mobile devices and tablets this Fall.