There was plenty of speculation that Hasbro was looking to get into the mobile game following their majority stake investment in Backflip Studios in 2013, but after almost two years we have little more than a Scrabble game to show for it. Today, the pair officially announced the next Hasbro IP coming to iOS via their collaboration: G.I. Jooooe!

Although technically not the first G.I. Joe game to grace our iPhones—movie tie-in and failed experiment in fun G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Basic Training earns that distinction—the upcoming Backflip title promises to appeal to players of all ages by combining the “unforgettable environments of the original mini-series with the new-age reimagining of the beloved characters.”

It probably won't look like this.

It probably won’t look like this.

While details are still scarce at this stage, G.I. Joe Strike (not to be confused with G.I. Joe Cobra Strike for the Atari 2600) will supposedly be a “cinematic” action game that pits players as Snake Eyes against longtime bosom rival, Storm Shadow. The exact style of gameplay is unknown, but the promise of over a hundred collectable ability cards hints at a strategic, turn-based element that brings back fond memories of our days playing with the action figures—“Kyah kyah, take that right hand! No, take that left hand!” We were lonely children.

Even without much to go on right now, with Backflip at the helm—and hits like DragonVale, Plundernauts, and Epic Island under their belt—we’re looking forward to hearing more about this one before its launch in Summer 2015. Stay tuned to Gamezebo for more details as they become available.