I’m a fan of The Walking Dead. If the success of the brand is any indication, you probably are too. That’s why there’s a comic book, a TV show, a spin-off (soon) and more video games than you can shake a zombie-poking stick at.

The next game in The Walking Dead franchise comes, rather appropriately, from Next Games. They’re the studio behind the recent cowboys-meets-Clash-of-Clans title Compass Point: West that we liked so much.

Back in the Summer of 2014, Next revealed that they were working on a new mobile game set in the world of the AMC Walking Dead series (ie the TV show, not the comics), but other than a brief teaser trailer which has since been removed, they weren’t particularly forthcoming with details.

Today that changed with a blog post revealing the first images of the game, as well as some details.

the walking dead no man's land

Things are still a little vague, and these screens don’t exactly show gameplay footage, but here’s what the post has to say about what players can expect:

What we’ve snipped here are just the highlights of their post. Be sure to check out the full entry at nextgames.com for a more detailed picture. The short version, though? You’ll be trying to survive in a zombie-filled world, making choices for the group of characters you meet (and potentially lose) along the way.

In other words, Next Games wants to give you an experience that tries it’s damnedest to simulate life among the dead.


Because this is the official game of the TV show, they’re wisely tying it’s launch to the start of Season 6 later this year.

You can expect The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land (as well as the return of Rick & Friends on AMC’s The Walking Dead) sometime this Fall.