Do you like severing people’s limbs from their bodies? Riding atop get-powered hover scooters? Maybe-horse racing? French billiards?

It’s Thursday, and we all know what that means: another great grab bag of new iPhone iPad games have been released.

Mortal Kombat X


“GET OVER HERE!,” said Scorpion. “But why?,” asked the iOS gamer. “Because you can download Mortal Kombat X on your phone, you silly goose!” said Scorpion. Then they all sat down for a nice picnic with Goro and Raiden. Sub-Zero made Iced Tea.



Tilt your device to guide a ball from hex to hex. Easy, right? But then the hexes get… challenging. Sweeping arms, missing centers, hilly sections — it’s all conspiring against you. My high score is 12 right now. Good luck, bro.

Sky Punks


The latest Rovio Stars release has finally launched worldwide, and if you’re a fan of endless runners (or riding atop futuristic jet/wing combos), you’ll want to check it out. We first went hands-on with Sky Punks back in January, and very much liked what we saw.

Implosion – Never Lose Hope


A sharp left turn from their usual work, the publishers of the rhythm game Deemo have just released a game that might just set the bar for all mobile action games that follow it. Console quality graphics, battle suits, and the promise of “the most intuitive touch user-interface seen on the platform.” Those are some mighty lofty words, Rayark. Lets hope you can live up to them.

Football Manager Classic 2015

football manager classic 2015

Soccer fans have long been in love with a good, deep simulation — and SEGA’s Football Manager series is one of the biggest. This year’s iPad release has arrived, and brings with it a much deeper and richer experience than its iPhone counterpart. Don’t believe me? Just ask SEGA.

Spirit Lords

spirit lords

An action-RPG from a creative mega-team (veterans of Star Wars: The Old Republic, Diablo and Dragon Age), Spirit Lords is the latest 3D free-to-play offering from Kabam. If you enjoy a good dungeon crawl, you’re going to want to grab this.

Devious Dungeon 2

devious dungeon

From the creators of the League of Evil and Random Heroes series comes the second installment in Devious Dungeon, a platforming adventure about castle-clearing in search of treasure.

Magic Shot


From Desert Golfing to Golfinity, developers always seem to be inventing interesting new takes on putt-putt. But why not billiards? Magic Shot explores that notion, challenging players to hit the red and yellow ball with every shot in a world of ever-changing tables.

Dungeon Highway Adventures

dingeon highway adventures

Clear dungeons, kill monsters, and snag loot. Lather, rinse, repeat. It sounds like a neat merger of role playing and  running games; let’s just hope that it lives up to its potential.

Rogue Star

rogue star

If the board game Galaxy Trucker were an action-heavy video game like Wing Commander, it would probably be Rogue Star. Bid on risky cargo missions, and then make the deliveries while fighting off space pirates.

Finger Derpy


That horse looks drunk. It’s probably because you just don’t know how to ride him. Finger Derpy runs with this notion, asking players to control a horse by using your fingers to represent hooves. It’s like QWOP for horses.

Dungeon Crawlers Metal


A pretty great strategy RPG from 2012 gets a re-release this week, complete with Metal-optimized graphics. Maybe not enough of an upgrade to re-buy, but if you missed it the first time, we’d warrant it’s well worth a purchase.