The original Fantasy Life is an action RPG / life sim hybrid that quickly became a beloved classic on the Nintendo 3DS. Thus, 3DS owners are waking up to some potentially disappointing news this morning: Fantasy Life 2 is skipping Nintendo’s handheld to head straight to mobile platforms.

The game, officially (and epically) titled Fantasy Life 2: Two Moons And The Village of God, was announced at Level-5’s recent Vision 2015 event.


Nintendo 3DS owners shouldn’t let themselves feel too let down, however. From what little we know about the game, it sounds as though it looks and plays very similarly to its 3DS predecessor. Landscapes are largely the same, and there are still 12 lives to pursue. The biggest difference is that Fantasy Life 2 lets you build up a village and collect villagers (do not stuff your villagers into balls and then force them to fight each other).

Of course, going mobile will make it easier than ever to team up with people to take down bad guys, and there’s the added benefit of a hugely expanded audience. But it’s curious Level-5 chose to mark this game as a sequel instead of calling it an “enhanced mobile port” or something of the sort.


Fantasy Life 2 is coming to iOS and Android in Japan this summer. No word of an English-language release yet.

[via SiliconEra]