Fans of challenges straight from planet Crazy Reflexes might recall Alone, a high-speed endless flying game released last year. Alone’s creators, Laser Dog Games, has been hard at work crafting a new game that should likewise keep your response time honed to an atom-edge. It’s called Hopiko, and it’s pretty intense.

In the world of Hopiko, video games are seemingly dead. The culprits are the Nanobytes, skittering black creatures that resemble a cross between a computer chip and a house centipede.

Hopiko needs to save gaming by immersing himself in the game. Don’t think too hard about how that works, or your sanity will soon be teetering on the lip of the abyss. Just know Hopiko is a lightning-fast platforming game that sends you sailing through and around hazards at light speed. The Nanobytes won’t make your flight easy, and they’re waiting to catch you at every turn with their spindly limbs.

Hopiko features retro graphics and chiptunes composed on a Game Boy. Even the trailer’s soundtrack makes you appreciate what Nintendo’s portable was capable of in the sound department. Look for the game on iOS and Android this summer.