Remember when Flappy Bird was all over the news? Remember when the little pipe-dodging bird was seemingly the only one of his kind? Well, when we turned our backs, the little blighter found a mate and was very fruitful. As a result, making yourself exceedingly angry at a mobile game is as easy as visiting the App Store and downloading whatever digital instrument of torture is currently en vogue.

And, lo! Another Flappy grandchild approaches! This time it’s Drop, a single-touch action game from CloudPop. The premise is simple: There’s a large-ish orb at the top of the screen that drops when you tap it.

You score a point and are allowed to move on once the orb drops through the bottom, but your way is blocked by a series of devious barriers. Some are craggy and move back and forth quickly. Others spin and form a clear path for a mere second. And sometimes it takes more than one move to clear a barrier.

Drop looks fiendishly difficult, and fiendishly addicting. Prepare to start swearing in public all over again when the game comes to iOS and Android later this month.