Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! series for mobile has received some pretty outstanding reviews. We gave part one five out of five stars. We gave part two five out of five stars. Will part three earn the same accolades? We’ll find out on April 16, when Sorcery! 3 hits the App Store and Google Play.

Sorcery! 3 picks up where the second part left off. The City of Khare is old news, and it’s time to cross the poisoned wastelands of Kakhabad. Aside from managing resources, you also need to worry about the seven serpents that are stalking you across the baked earth.


Moreover, you’re unstuck in time. You may find yourself travelling thousands of years in the past – or within an endless loop.

The Sorcery! games combine compelling storytelling with strategy, combat, and spells galore. You’re also encouraged to explore and take chances, though it remains to be seen if your kitten-like curiosity will be of any benefit to you when giant snakes are attempting to make a meal out of you.

Find out for sure on April 16.