Late last year we took a look at the 25 games we couldn’t wait to play in 2015, and since that time we’ve seen plenty of new game announcements just too intriguing to ignore. If you’re wondering which upcoming iPhone, iPad and Android games are getting the Gamezebo crew excited right now, this list of 15 recently announced titles is your answer.

15 not enough? Be sure to check out our list from late 2014. Of those 25 games, only two have released so far — that’s 23 more iOS and Android games we’re eager to see released (hopefully) this year.



What if you took the deep tactical strategy of games like XCOM and made them accessible to everyone? That’s the lofty goal of Adam Saltsman (Canabalt, Hundreds) and his team at Finji. Players will travel across a post-apocalyptic America in search of fuel and safety.

Mortal Kombat X Mobile


After a pair of mobile hits modeled on the Mortal Kombat formula (Injustice: Gods Among Us, WWE Immortals), you just had to know a mobile game was in the works to coincide with the launch of Mortal Kombat X on consoles. And if it plays as well as NetherRealm’s other mobile games, pocket players should be in for a real treat.



There are few indie games that are getting as much buzz among games journalists right now as Downwell — and that fact that it’s a mobile game is even more surprising. Descend a well using a pair of gun boots to simultaneously navigate and defend your hero as he journeys ever downward.

Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain


As it’s coming later this week, we won’t have long to wait — at least not for the first chapter. With a new “wing” opening every week for purchase, Hearthstone’s second adventure is promising plenty of challenge (and dragon cards!) for persistent players.

The Westport Independent


If you’ve ever thought that the media is quick to pick a side and paint the picture they want to paint, The Westport Independent won’t do anything to quell your suspicions. Instead, it will put you in charge of making such decisions as the editor of a newspaper in its final days.

Dawn of Titans


With games like CSR Racing and Clumsy Ninja under their belt, it only seemed natural that a company like Zynga would want to snap up developer NaturalMotion eventually. Their first 2015 title under the big Z’s label is about leading armies to fight massive combatants, and it looks gorgeous.

Knights of Pen and Paper II


Considering the original Knights of Pen and Paper is one of the games we’d never delete to free up storage space, you’d better believe we’re excited about the sequel. An RPG that’s as much about sitting around the table as it is about fighting dragons? OF COURSE WE WANT A PART TWO.

Sonic Runners


Thanks to an early soft-launch, we’ve had plenty of time to play Sonic Runners — and it’s really good. An endless runner that takes its cues from Sonic’s earliest days, it manages to capture the speed and frenzy of the past and combine it with a lot of what works about modern mobile titles. When this thing releases wide, believe me — you’re going to eat it up.

EA Sports UFC


Grappling with your phone takes on a whole new meaning when EA Sports’ next mobile title launches. The game is available in Canada now, and after spending some time with it, we feel comfortable saying that it does a good job of recreating both the standing and ground phases of MMA — even if it is a little simplified compared to its console counterpart.

Loot & Legends

loot & legends

If you didn’t play 2013’s spectacular Card Hunter, we’ll be heart-broken, but not surprised. As the game is web-based, it never really had the mass-market appeal that it deserved. Loot & Legends is the re-branded mobile version, and if you’re a fan of tabletop RPG’s, you’ll be delighted by its mix of humor, fantasy, and card-based tactics.

World of Tanks Generals


Speaking of card-based tactics,’s epic World of Tanks franchise is getting a card game of its own. In the wake of Hearthstone’s success, there were bound to be other notable brands to follow suit — lucky for us, one of those brands makes perfect sense for this kind of strategy play.

Divide By Sheep


Math is hard. Puzzle games are harder. But what if you combine the two? Fling sheep from island to island to get just the right number to fit into the life raft. Possibly make mutton with the rest.


While details are still scarce, it looks like one of the coolest music puzzle games of the last 20 years is going to get a fresh entry on mobile devices. Even better, series’ creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi will be back at the helm. Rotate cubes to clear colors before the rhythm line crosses the screen again and again, and enjoy every second of it. (This news was so exciting that it actually sent me out on a hunt to find the most recent Lumines game, because I just couldn’t wait for more Lumines).

Need for Speed: No Limits


It’s been more than two years since we’ve seen a new game from EA studio Firemonkeys. As the team behind the Real Racing series (as well as the mobile edition of Need for Speed: Most Wanted), that feels like an awfully long time to wait for their next mobile racer. But if early soft launches around the globe are any indication, we shouldn’t be waiting much longer for their latest: the first mobile-only release in the Need for Speed franchise.

The Wild


Games like Radiation Island are quickly proving that the open-world survival genre popularized by DayZ and Rust can work really well on mobile — and The Wild might just be their king. The developers have been very active in the TouchArcade forums, putting together a sizable team of beta testers to get feedback and tweak the game based on player opinion. With so many gamers so passionate about the genre, listening to player feedback might just be the smartest thing Toonuva Games can do.