There was a time long ago — let’s call it the “attitude” era — when I watched wrestling with a religious fervor. I went to Raw tapings, I cheered on D-level Superstars like The Hurricane — I even went to a Wrestlemania.

But I’ve long since been negligent in my duties as a wrestling fan. It takes something of particular note (and, yes, in my world that means “mobile game”) to really perk my ears up. Like this: earlier today 2K Games announced a full-fledged wrestling game for mobile, WWE 2K.


While this isn’t their first WWE offering on mobile (and competitors are quick to put out wrasslin’ games too, like NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat-style WWE Immortals), it will be the first time 2K tries to fit a full, console-style wrestling simulation into your pocket.

2K are promising a roster of current and classic wrestlers, career mode, live multiplayer, full ring entrances, and yes, even “Create-a-Superstar.” Hopefully that last feature doesn’t result in the macabre nonsense that plagued the console game’s release last fall.

wwe 2k mobile ios android

There is no more specific release date for WWE 2K on mobile phones other than “Spring 2015,” but when it does launch we know that it will cost $7.99 and release on iOS and Android — and like 2K’s earlier mobile sports release NBA 2K15, it looks like that Android release will be exclusive to the Amazon App Store.