As simple as it might be, the children’s parlor game “Rock, Paper, Scissors” could prove an interesting starting point for a video game. We’ve seen it in countless RPGs over the years (water beats fire, fire beats earth, etc..), and we’ve even seen some neat modern rethinkings too, like Luca Redwood’s Smarter Than You. Now take those RPS basics and add in a dash of luck.

Welcome to Blades of Chance.

Set in a futuristic Neo-Tokyo environment, players will compete against each other by choosing to attack, dodge, or block. While attacks cause damage and dodges avoid it, blocking will fill up your luck. And you’ll want luck, because how much you have will help determine if your attacks and dodges are successful.

Can you anticipate your opponent’s move while managing resources like luck and health? It’s a simple twist on RPS, but if executed well, it could really be worth a play.

You’ll be able to check it out yourself when it launches on Google Play next week. The game will be available on Android starting April 1st for $1.99. You’ll want to grab a friend, though, because this is a same-device multiplayer game.

After all — what fun is Rock, Paper, Scissors if you can’t stare your opponent down and call their bluff?