What a difference a day can make. Yesterday, we were feeling like this week’s new releases might be a total write off. There was nothing major announced or confirmed, and we even had to sneak a released game into our “upcoming” round-up just to keep the fires stoked.

So of course the App Store exploded with big content last night.

Fans of just about every genre should find something to dive into this morning. Did we miss any great releases your fellow readers should know about? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper


This one’s a biggie, and our early impressions are good. Heroes from across every Final Fantasy game come together to re-enact the series’ most famous battles, because video games.

The Trace: Murder Mystery Game

the trace murder mystery game

Ready to solve a mystery? Release your inner Sherlock in this new genre-mashup murder mystery from Relentless Software, aka the folks behind Blue Toad Murder Files.

MLB Manager 2015

mlb manager 2015

Out of the Park Simulations (OOTP) are the #1 name in American sports sims, but there’s been one thing missing from their baseball games: the official blessing of Major League Baseball. Starting with the 2015 edition, that problem has been rectified.

Fast & Furious: Legacy

fast & furious legacy

Vroom vroom! Kabam has just released its latest game tied to the street racing film franchise, and if it’s anything like their last one, a good time will be had by all.

Silly Sausage in Meat Land

silly sausage in meat land

The latest Nitrome game has players controlling a very stretchy dog as he attempts to navigate a puzzle-heavy environment fraught with danger.

Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions

star wars rebels

Are you watching Star Wars Rebels? If so, you’ll probably be pleased to take some of its spirit on the go with you in the show’s first action/platformer tie-in.

Stickman Rush

stickman rush

Lane-switching games are nothing new, but admit it — this one looks too pretty to pass on.

Heroes Central

heroes central

We’ve seen superhero management games before (I’m looking at you, Double Fine),  but this might just be the first superhero time management game. Manage the needs of a city with just four heroes.

Unicycle Rush


Balance games are getting fairly common on the App Store, but this is one with a twist: travel as far as you can without letting the unicycle tip over.



I have a great beard, but I’ve never been to space, killed a zombie, or fired a gun. This game reads like a life plan I should follow.



Like fast-paced rhythmic games with plenty of tasks? Ticklefluff might just be for you! You’ll need to tickle, poke and high five your little friend in beat with the music.



“Hey!” I hear you saying. “That game looks like MUJO.” That’s because it’s a sequel… sort of. If you liked MUJO, you’ll want to grab OLYM asap.

Dark Slash: Hero


A combo-heavy action game with demons and great pixel art? There’s a very specific subset of people this will appeal to (and yes, I’m probably one of them). Maybe you are too.

Breath of Light

breath of light

We recently fell in love with Poco Eco, a game that’s as much about it’s tie-in soundtrack as it is about play. Breath of Light is a puzzle game that might just be the same, with a fantastic soundtrack by Winterpark.

Compass Point West


Clash of Cowboys? Maybe! That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, and it looks like developer Next Games has added plenty to the formula to help try and set it apart.

Dungeon Madness


The developers of Tower of Fortune have decided to infuse some color into their traditionally monochromatic world, introducing a game that’s about exploring dungeons and creating paths. Say, that sounds familiar



Gamezebo writer Jillian Werner suggested I give this a download last night, and I’ve never wanted to throw my phone through a wall so badly. If you like frustrating games, I advise you to try BounceX – a game about guiding a bouncing ball endlessly upwards.

Jump’N’Shoot Attack


It looks a little like Mega Man, but does it play quite as well? We’re not sure yet, but hey – as retro enthusiasts, it would be hard to ignore something that launched this week with such a perfectly old school style.

64 Bits


Turn walls on and off in a quest to keep the green dot in play while removing all of the white dots. Good luck, bro.

Dungeon Hero RPG


Want to explore a dungeon, first-person style? You probably grew up on some very cool early RPGs then. Relive those glory days with Dungeon Hero RPG, a stylish looking dungeon crawl that’s surprisingly free.