2K Games have something of a mixed track record on the App Store. If you’ve been holding off on trying something because of a review you’ve read or an opinion you’ve heard, though, today is a good day to rectify that.

Rather than the normally uber-premium prices that the following games go for ($7.99-$14.99), you’ll be able to snag five of 2K’s biggest mobile releases for just a fraction of the cost:

For the time being, these deals appear to be iOS only (sorry Android gamers!), but we’ll keep an eye out and update this article if any 2K savings come to Google Play.

Already own all of these? Then do yourself a favor and check out 2K’s latest release, Sid Meier’s Starships. That’s a five-star strategy game if I’ve every played one, and if you’re new to strategy, don’t worry — it’s as accessible as it is addictive.