Of all the trivia games that have come and gone on mobile devices, none have quite soothed the music lover’s soul quite like SongPop. And while developer FreshPlanet has revealed that another heaping helping of multiplayer trivia is coming in SongPop 2, it looks like they have yet another trick up their sleeve to play: a single-player song-guessing spin-off.

Rock On!: A SongPop Adventure puts players in the studded leather pants of an aspiring rock god, as they play their way through the circuit (…of rock’n’roll trivia).

The game will offer 80 levels and a few different gameplay modes, with some expecting you to get 5 out of 10 questions right, while other need you to string together correct answers or even race against the clock for a high score.

And yes, we’re as amused as you are by the Hearthstone-style naming of this one.

Rock On!: A SongPop Adventure will be releasing exclusively on iOS devices as a free download (supported by in-app purchases) on April 2nd, 2015.