Mr. Jump is the game that everyone’s talking about right now, and with good reason. It’s a staged running game where players must guide a little block-headed fellow through levels of platforms, pits, and spikes. Tap the screen to jump, tap and hold to jump higher. It’s that simple.

What isn’t simple is the game’s layout. Each stage (currently 12 in total) is strategically built to be as challenging to the player as possible.

After spending some time playing Mr. Jump, I’ve put together some helpful Mr. Jump tips, cheats and strategies that are sure to give you the boost you need to get through the game’s frustrating levels.

Why Do We Fall?

So we can avoid the spikes hanging from the ceiling, Master Bruce. But really, resist the urge to jump off the end of every platform you come across. There will be times when it’s necessary to just run off of a ledge in order to drop down onto the next platform. I know the game is called Mr. Jump and not Mr. Fall, but trust me, there are times where the only way to get through Mr. Jump is to fall.

Some Things Never Change

Mr Jump

In Mr. Jump the level layouts remain the same every time you attempt them. There is no randomly generated content.

This allows the player to mentally map out the route ahead, and each time they get even a few inches further through the level is pure progress. Learn where the spikes are, remember where the platforms and pits are, and do your best to remember to avoid jumping where you should just fall off the ledge.

Use Your Imagination

mr jump

The second level introduces little white boxes that, if passed through, give you a second jump that you can use in mid-air. I’ve found that if I just visualized the boxes like individual platforms, that helped me get through that level much easier. Imagine the white boxes mark the top of a thin, vertical platform, and you’ll have no trouble cruising through the rest of the game.

Also, you can hit the white boxes with any part of Mr. Jump to collect the extra jump. Sometimes you’ll want to let him fall down a bit, other times you’ll want to second-jump the moment his feet touch the white lines of the box. Play and learn.

Whistle While You Work


But humming worked just fine for me.

Because Mr. Jump isn’t randomly generated, every time you play a level, you’ll encounter things in the exact same location. With that in mind, if you gently hum to yourself each time you tap the screen to jump, you’ll get into the rhythm of the level. This will make it easier to time your jumps from earlier in the game, as you’ll gradually get used to the “tune” of the level the more you play.

It sounds goofy, and you’ll probably want to avoid doing this in public, but if you’re just chilling in your living room, try it out. It helps.

Watch The Game, Not Your Hands

mr jump

If you’re a big dude with big hands, like me, playing a game like Mr. Jump can be problematic simply because your hands get in the way. Because Mr. Jump relies so heavily on reflexes, if your hand is in the way of oncoming obstacles, you’re going to have trouble preparing to deal with them.

The best thing to do is just tap your finger at the bottom of the screen, or the left side of the screen, to allow yourself to clearly see all of the obstacles as they come into play.