If you’re a fan of RPG games that trade in turn-based tactics for some real-time sword swipes, you’ve probably devoured more than a few Zenonia games over the years.

Making its debut on the App Store back in 2009 (and Google Play in 2010), the original Zenonia wowed just about everyone – Gamezebo included. But after a string of sequels, the series seemingly went dark. It hasn’t been heard from since 2012’s Zenonia 5.

That changes today with Gamevil’s announcement of the series sixth entry, Zenonia S.

zenonia s

Originally discussed under the working title “Zenonia Online,” Zenonia S promises proper multiplayer options like PvP arenas and “real-time boss raids,” according to today’s press release.

In terms of setting, the release goes on to say that Zenonia S “takes place in a parallel world in which the game’s classic heroes have been summoned to save the human race.”

The game is expected to launch globally on Android and iOS this June, but if you want an early taste, Android gamers can get in on a closed beta this week (March 25-28, 2015).  To join in the fun, be sure to visit the beta’s official Google Groups page.