Virtual pets can be demanding; they like to be pet, poked, squeezed and high fived — but at least their demands come at a relaxed pace.

Ticklefluff, on the other hand, wants all of your love RIGHT NOW.


The debut game from indie development house HyperLiger, Ticklefluff gives players a virtual pet that is in constant need of attention. You’ll squeeze it, stroke it, blow it, and poke it all in the span of about 10 seconds, satisfying as many of his needs as you can before you make a mistake or act too slowly. If you do, you’ll have a very sad Ticklefluff on your hands.

So you’ll check your high score and try again.

While it’s masquerading as a virtual pet game, Ticklefluff is much closer to the quick-reaction/high score drives that have dominated mobile’s free charts in the wake of 2014’s Flappy Bird phenomenon. And yet thanks to an ever-changing tempo that matches the music, a cheery presentation, and a wide variety of tasks to perform, Ticklefluff ends up feeling more like a lost WarioWare game than it does the generic one-button offerings that this genre usually produces.

If you’re a sucker for cute characters and a catchy beat, Ticklefluff should be right up your alley. Expect to see Ticklefluff on the iOS App Store for $0.99 beginning this Thursday, March 26th.