There is some companion news attached to the big story about Final Fantasy XI coming to mobile platforms. Final Fantasy Grandmasters, a spin-off title set in the Final Fantasy XI universe, will likewise be hitting smartphones and tablets.

Final Fantasy Grandmasters takes place in Final Fantasy XI’s world of Vana’diel. Other elements made the transition to Grandmasters too, including Final Fantasy XI’s job classes, landmarks, and races.

Grandmasters appears to be a bit more light-hearted than its inspiration. You get to adventure with friends and chat with them (and use emojis, of course). While you’re supposed to work together to complete tasks, you can also play solo like the hardened loner you are.


Many of Final Fantasy XI’s monsters appear in Grandmasters, and there’s tons of loot to collect. The game’s developer, Crooz, says players will be able to fly around Vana’diel. Indeed, the game’s logo features an airship, a vehicle that’s carried Final Fantasy veterans through the clouds since the series’ inception.

Final Fantasy Grandmasters is confirmed for Japan only at this point. Given the impending arrival of Final Fantasy XI Mobile worldwide, it’s difficult to imagine Square-Enix will pass on an English translation for this one.

[via SiliconEra]