If the barren shelves at my local Toys”R” Us are any indication, Sick Bricks seems to be gaining some traction among its target audience. And while the game isn’t without problems, there’s something that Spin Master’s toy/game hybrid gets right that Skylanders and Disney Infinity don’t.

Namely, pricing.

Rather than spending $10-$15 for single figures, you can get Sick Bricks characters for $2.49 (or even a 5 pack for $9.99). And no matter how well-to-do parents are, kids are on fixed incomes. It’s called “an allowance.” So when push comes to shove, the price of Sick Bricks just feels right for its target audience.

But you know what else is cheap? LEGO Minifigures.

LEGO minifigures

In fact, I’ve been spending $3.99 on blind packs of LEGO Minifigures for years now, and you can’t even scan them into a game. But what if you could? What if LEGO jumped on the bandwagon and made a game like Sick Bricks, Disney Infinity, or Skylanders?

According to a rumor on videogamer.com, there’s a very real likelihood of that happening later this year.

Citing an anonymous industry source “familiar with the project,” the game is likely in development at Traveller’s Tales (a Warner Bros subsidiary that’s seemingly built out of LEGO bricks, having been responsible for nearly 30 major LEGO games in the last 10 years).

LEGO City Undercover might just be the best LEGO game you've never played.

LEGO City Undercover might just be the best LEGO game you’ve never played.

There’s no word yet on what the game might consist of, or what sort of toys you’d be able to use with it. Could it go beyond minifigures, having players buy compatible LEGO building sets? Could it let you build something using your own imagination that you could somehow bring into the game?

Like building with LEGO itself, the possibilities seem endless.

As it’s just a rumor at this point, there’s no mention of which platforms this might be heading to. Having said that, mobile gamers are frequently treated to Traveller’s Tales LEGO releases after their initial release, and every other game in the physical/digital hybrid space has some sort of presence on mobile, so… fingers crossed.

Title image by Micah Elizabeth Scott, licensed under Creative Commons.