So, you know the schtick about Little Red Riding Hood, right? Nice girl, once talked to a wolf, quickly came to regret it until the woodsman fixed things up with the business end of his axe.

Maybe you can do better? The PC Game A Day in the Woods  is a hexagonal sliding game that lets you try to guide Red safely through the forest to her grandmother’s house. The game’s themes and originality helped it secure a position in Gamezebo’s Best PC Games of 2011 list.


If you missed Red’s quest the first time around, RetroEpic Software is offering the chance for you to right wrongs by porting the game to iOS. Better still, the game is being updated with charming graphics based on wood-cut figurines. There’s also new music, and 60 new levels to tackle. Don’t worry. All roads lead to Grandma.

The iOS remake of A Day in the Woods comes to the App Store on April 2 with a price tag of $4.99 USD.