I’ve never been a fan of articles (or game developers) that proclaim a game as “the next _____.” And yet after playing Adventures of Poco Eco – Lost Sounds, I’m left with the urge to do exactly that.

Created by Possible Games as a partner piece to IAMYANK’s new album Lost Sounds, Adventures of Poco Eco is a casual puzzle adventure that’s as much a celebration of art and music as it is a game.


Players control the titular Poco Eco as he explores his environment through puzzle gameplay. Guiding Poco Eco is as simple as tapping where you’d like him to go. The puzzles are all exploration-based, usually consisting of buttons Poco Eco must activate to change the landscape, revealing new paths to reach more buttons.

After completing 6 of the game’s 14 stages, I feel fairly comfortable describing this as an accessible, somewhat easy, linear adventure. You’re never completely at a loss for what to do, and a glowing pink friend does a good job of highlighting the direction you should be headed in next.

Adventures of Poco Eco isn’t so much about the challenge of games as it is about the experience.


With the exception of a few headscratching moments, I feel like much the same could be said about Monument Valley. And like Monument Valley, Adventures of Poco Eco feels less like a game and more like an immersive, playable art piece.

Also, like Monument Valley, I feel pretty comfortable throwing around terms like “Game of the Year contender” even though I’m only halfway through it. It’s just that kind of a game.

adventures of poco eco lost sounds

Adventures of Poco Eco – Lost Sounds is currently available on the Canadian App Store for $3.49 ($2.99 USD). UPDATE: The game has is now available worldwide on iOS for $2.99. It should be available on Android soon.