Whether by choice or by necessity, adventuring heroes rarely find themselves on well-travelled roads. But SwapQuest from Rebusmind is all about doing what’s necessary to stay on-course – even if that means literally shifting the landscape around your hero.

SwapQuest touts itself as a combination between the puzzle hit Pipe Mania and a Final Fantasy-style RPG. The influence from both classics is obvious. As your cute, squat hero trundles across the land (you can play as either Prince Wilbert or Princess Wilma – playing as the latter is the obvious choice, since you can yell “Wil-MAAAA!” when you mess up), you need to swap out road tiles and connect paths so they can move freely.


Paths can lead to the kinds of hazards and prizes that make RPGs fun, including enemy encounters, boss battles, and loot a-plenty. As you fight, you level up, gain new abilities, and visit new lands filled with new hazards and prizes.

SwapQuest is coming to iOS on March 19. An Android release will follow at a later date. It’ll cost $2.99 and it features no IAP.