After About Fun released their award-winning retro-reflex game, Mega Dead Pixel, the team shifted gears and began developing a very different type of game.

At GDC last week About Fun, once again partnered partnered with Chillingo, revealed that their next release is a multiplayer shooter called WarFriends.

With a particular emphasis on player vs. player deathmatch games, WarFriends lets players take to the battlefield against their friends seeing who has the fastest reactions (or the better internet connection), or who simply has the larger arsenal. Armed with four customizable weapons at a time, A.I. allies, vehicles, and drones, players will partake in battles very well-equipped for the task at hand. With the use of “Warcards” players can further tip the odds in their favor with power-ups, extra supplies, and more.

WarFriends revolves around players taking cover, popping up, taking shots, and constantly relocating in order to keep the opposing player on their toes.


Apart from the multiplayer mode, a campaign mode will also be available to players to play on their own, or co-op with a friend.

About Fun promises that players will be able to easily navigate the battlefield; with just a few simple swipe and tap commands players can run, duck, shoot, throw grenades, call in air support, and everything else they need to to defeat their opponent.

WarFriends is due out for iOS devices this summer.