LLEGO is hot with kids. So are toy / game combinations like Skylanders and Disney Infinity. After performing a bit of formula-mixing, Spin Master has come up with “Sick Bricks,” a toy / game hybrid that’s seemingly destined to succeed given its very nature.

Recently soft-launched on the Canadian App Store and Google Play, Sick Bricks is an action game that pits good guys against bad guys in a war against an overlord named Omega. That’s just half the story, though. Players can buy blind bags and figure packs that contain between two and five Sick Brick characters.

Said characters are squat Lego-like oddities that can be beamed into the game using your mobile device’s camera. Some of the scannable / playable heroes include a zombie named Rotten Walker, a bomb-happy rooster named Rusty Nuggets, and a farting sumo wrestler named Hiro Thunderbolt.

Though “farting sumo wrestler” is probably enough to draw kids in, the Sick Bricks figures have another irresistible trait: They can swap out parts to make new, stronger characters, much like the mechanic that made Skylanders Swap Force a hit.

You can download the Sick Bricks app for free after turning yourself into a temporary Canuck and making a Canadian iTunes account. The Sick Bricks toys are already at some Canadian retailers like Toys R Us, though it seems they have yet to officially hit the American market. That should all change soon: According to the official Sick Bricks YouTube account, the game is launching in the United States on March 12.