In the long long time ago of Summer 2014 — long before Vainglory appeared on stage during the iPhone 6 announcement — Gamezebo took an early look at what Vainglory had to offer. At that time, the game was aimed for “tablets,” and that included Android.

But since Apple got involved, we haven’t heard hide a peep about a Vainglory Android release… until today.

vainglory android

Effective right now, Android users looking to get in on the best MOBA that mobile has to offer (it even made an appearance on Gamezebo’s Best iPad Games of 2014) can sign up for the closed beta by clicking here.

The beta is limited to some fairly high-end tablets, so you’ll need to have a newer device to join up right now. An open beta is set to follow at a later date.

vainglory ios

If you don’t have a top notch device, don’t worry — the wording we’ve received from Super Evil Megacorp suggests that these will be requirements for the beta only.

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