While they’re best known in the tech space as the creators of the Kindle, Fire, and Fire TV, Amazon also has its own game studio that’s been tasked with creating killer apps for these devices.

We’ve played around with some of these in the past (To-Fury, Saber’s Edge), looked forward to them in the future (Til Morning’s Light) and have even quietly enjoyed them behind the scenes (Tales From Deep Space is a top notch puzzle platformer that everyone should play). But unless you owned an Amazon Fire phone or tablet, you couldn’t do the same.

That’s all about to change.

to-fu fury amazon game studios

Amazon Game Studios have just announced that they’ll be bringing four premium games to the App Store, letting iPhone and iPad owners get in on the fun. While there’s no set release date, iOS gamers will be able to play Lost Within (survival horror), Til Morning’s Light (character-driven action/adventure), Tales From Deep Space (the aforementioned puzzle platformer) and To-Fu Fury (a physics-based platformer) on their iOS devices in the future.

Amazon also confirms that these games will appear on more Fire devices, so if a game is currently on Fire Phone but not Fire tablets (and vice versa), they’ll now be available on both, not unlike how Apple handles “universal” apps.


Amazon will be at showing off the games this weekend at an off-site event near PAX East. If you’re not there in person, don’t worry – they’ll be livestreaming on Twitch Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 1:30pm EST.