When Zynga accquired NaturalMotion last year, it seemed like a sensible buy. After all, their CSR Racing dominated the free-to-play charts for months on end. NaturalMotion is the sort of development team that just makes sense to bring into the Zynga fold.

But, and rather naively I’ll admit, not once did I stop to think of what they might try to accomplish after they’d joined Team Zynga.

The answer is Dawn of Titans, a game that was mentioned briefly on an investor’s call last month, but not really detailed properly until earlier today.

dawn of titans zynga

“We started with a few questions,” said Torsten Reil, NaturalMotion’s CEO in a blog post that went live at zynga.com today. “Is it possible to create believable, epic battles with several thousand units, all fighting in real-time, that you control at your fingertips? Can we use our technology, which has been used by notable theatrical blockbusters and console games over the last decade, to deliver an experience that feels real and reacts to every touch? And would it be possible to deliver this epic experience in an accessible mobile session, one that passes our ‘Starbucks line test‘ for accessibility?”

“The answer is, yes. And we are proud to say that it is possible to wage war on a mobile device with thousands of archers, pike men, militia, warriors and Titans in the time it takes a barista to make a macchiato.”


In addition to the trailer (which, if you’ve watched it, promises that you’re looking at in-game footage) and details, Zynga has revealed one more thing about Dawn of Titans: when players will first get their hands on it.

Expect Dawn of Titans to soft launch (no territories have been specified) “in the coming weeks,” with a full global launch planned for later this year.