If you haven’t gotten your fill of snowboarding on the App Store this year, RAD Boarding is here to fix that. Amazing puzzling in Blockwick 2, forensic investigation in Criminel — it’s a very cool week to be a gamer on the App Store.

Blockwick 2

blockwick 2

The puzzling geniuses at Kieffer Bros’ are back, and this time they’re delivering a follow-up to their 2011 mobile puzzler Blockwick. But we’re a long way from 2011, and this sequel shows all the wisdom and polish that those intervening years has provided. Expect our full review later today.

RAD Boarding

rad boarding

A little bit Tiny Wings, a little bit Ski Safari, and a little bit Olli Olli, RAD Boarding is a game about snowboarding your way through the apocalypse.

Spring Ninja

spring ninja

Another week, another Ketchapp release on the App Store. This week’s two second time waster is about putting *just* the right amount of bounce in a ninja’s step.



Travel back to the early days of photography to document crime scenes and solve cases in this unique approach to detective work.

Real Steel Champions

real steel champions

Can a movie that came out in 2011 still draw in gamers in 2015? If that movie is Real Steel, the answer seems to be a resounding yes. This is the third release from Reliance Games based on the franchise in as many years.

Vietnam… ’65

vietnam 65

The latest strategy war game from Slitherine takes players to the early days of the Vietnam War, tasking players with winning the hearts and minds of the locals (in addition to strategic battles).

Twilight’s Last Gleaming

twilight's last gleaming

If Vietnam ’65 doesn’t go back far enough for your liking, get ready for a double-dose of military history this week. Hex-based strategic battles set during the War of 1812. Can you force the British out of Canada? (Spoiler: no, you can’t).

Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic

pixel heroes byte & magic

A roguelike RPG with a sense of humor, Pixel Heroes saw some love when it launched on desktops earlier this year. Now mobile, you’ll be able to take the adventure with you wherever your life may go.



An endless runner with big explosions and a Contra-style weapons selection? YES PLEASE.

Warhammer: Snotling Fling

warhammer snotling fling

Because sometimes you just want to watch the world burn (after flinging a goblin into it with a big catapult). Warhammer meets Boom Blox? In the sometimes serious, sometimes silly world of Warhammer, this actually seems like a logical next step for the franchise.