Between this month and the one before it, 2015 is off to an interesting start. We haven’t had too many big mobile releases from AAA studios yet this year, which has given indie studios even more of the spotlight to shine in.

And this month, they really shined.

A few big hits, a few hidden gems, and a pair of surprisingly good licensed games come together to form our favorite new iPhone, iPad and Android games of 2015. What were yours?

Alto’s Adventure


Sure the gameplay was familiar, but Alto’s Adventure was as much an environmental experience as it was a game. Day/night cycles, forests, and the sounds of swooshing down the slopes made this one of the most beautiful mobile games we’ve seen in ages.

One Piece Treasure Cruise


Whether you’re a long time fan or a series newbie, One Piece Treasure Cruise is sure to put  a smile on your face. Imagine Puzzle and Dragons, but replace the match-3 elements with a series of well-timed taps in battle that can lead to combos, special attacks, and – if done wrong – an advantage to the enemy.

Planet Quest


Rhythm games can be divided into two very distinct categories: the derivative, and the truly unique. Planet Quest somehow straddles the line between both, feeling like a lost Rhythm Heaven mini-game blown up to full scale.

AG Drive


It’s unlikely we’ll ever see an F-Zero or Wipeout game on the App Store, but if AG Drive is as close as we’ll ever get, we’re not complaining. This futuristic racer plays as good as it looks, with tilt controls that feel natural and arguably the sharpest graphics we’ve seen on mobile in ages.

Transformers: Battle Tactics


Licensed products can be truly “hit or miss” prospects, and as we’ve recently learned, the Transformers brand presents its own set of challenges. Bearing that in mind, it’s hard not to be pleasantly surprised by what Transformers: Battle Tactics has to offer – an original mix of strategy and luck-based play that feels right at home on mobile.

The Detail


Have you ever wished that someone would make a point-and-click adventure set in HBO’s The Wire? The Detail is about as close as you’re going to get. With a unique comic book twist and a great story, the first episode of The Detail has left us eager for the next.

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire

magic touch wizard for hire

Developer Nitrome is no stranger to our “best of” lists, with Gunbrick appearing just last month. At the tail end of February they released another gem, this one a quick-play challenge about drawing runes with your fingers to burst balloons and save the kingdom.

Under the Sun


Puzzle games that play with time are nothing new, but what about puzzle games that play with age? Under the Sun tasks players to reach a campfire in a set number of moves, but every move you take ages the world slightly. Bridges crumble and trees grow as time moves forward. It all comes together to form a truly unique puzzle experience.