Mevius Final Fantasy is a mystery. Square-Enix promises it’s a full-fledged mainstream Final Fantasy title for mobile, “a full-scale, high-quality RPG world the likes of which has never been seen on smartphones and tablets.” It’s supposed to hit Japan this spring, but we’ve seen little of the game aside from some screenshots. We don’t know how it plays – but at least now we have an idea of how it moves, thanks to a Unity 5 demo reel from GDC.

The footage on the reel is 13 seconds long, and it gives us a glimpse of Mevius Final Fantasy in motion. We see the game’s main character travel through a corridor and go up against a large horned enemy. There’s also a wizard character who likewise slings some hurt at a bad guy.

Mobile’s limitations lead skeptics to believe that Mevius Final Fantasy plays like Infinity Blade. In other words, it’s pretty and it probably has some great battle action, but exploration is largely on rails.

Spring is around the corner, so we should be finding out pretty soon.