Back when I was playing Dungeons & Dragons in my youth — and let’s be clear: if I had the time, I’d still be playing — the release of a new ruleset brought with it a heady mix of anticipation and trepidation. For Paradox Interactive, a new rulebook is the perfect jumping-off point for a return to a land of fantasy adventure and bountiful inside jokes in Knight of Pen and Paper II.


Once again, the call is going up for normal folks lovingly described in sterotypical terms like Goth and Rocker to pretend they’re Wizards, Warriors and Thieves, except now they can choose to be Elves or Dwarves as well.

You’ll have control over the GM again too, but is anyone prepared to deal with the uncertainty of a brand new rulebook for the game within the game? Among other things, you’ll now be at the whims of the mighty d20 when it comes to landing your attacks.


With brand new graphics sporting all new retro cred (16-bit instead of 8-bit!) and the same pop culture and gaming-skewering mentality, Knights of Pen and Paper II is making its public debut at that place you wish you were right now, GDC, before its upcoming release on mobile and PC.

“When you allow people at your company to dress up in wizard robes and suits of armor, sometimes you wind up with games like Knights of Pen & Paper 2,” said Fredrik Wester, Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester said in a press release. “We’re going to be showing off the game in person this week at GDC. I wanted to reveal it during the DICE conference, but nobody agreed with me.”

Get it? DICE? Even Paradox’s press releases got jokes.

Be sure to watch the announcement trailer too. I’ll be saddened if you don’t catch the reference.

Expect Knights of Pen and Paper II on May 14th.