In the last quarter of January we got some cool news: Dungeon Hunter 5 is coming from Gameloft. Today, we have even cooler news: The game has a release date. You can expect to return to the pits in a couple of weeks.


Gameloft promises Dungeon Hunter 5 is packed with more of the same monster-slashing and loot-collecting that make the previous games a huge hit with fans of the dungeon-crawling genre. But while picking up this new installment should feel as comfortable as picking up a favorite sword, you can still expect some new features.

There is, for example, an asynchronous multiplayer mode called “Strongholds,” which lets you manage and defend your own personal keep against raiders. Alternatively, you can try and break down other players’ doors to take their loot. Other features include a new evolution system for loot, the ability to hire friends for questing purposes, and daily and weekly challenges.

Think you can contain yourself until the game’s release? Doesn’t matter; you’re going to have to. Dungeon Hunter 5 comes to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone on March 12.