Just to quickly get you up to speed, One Piece is a Japanese manga that’s been running, weekly, since 1997. So it’s pretty popular. Which might help to explain the 10 million downloads it’s official free-to-play smartphone game has landed on its native shores, and how it clocked up a sweet mil within a couple of weeks of being released to the rest of the world.

So just to summarize, One Piece is seriously big.

Anyway, to celebrate the one million (foreign) downloads of One Piece Treasure Cruise, Bandai Namco is giving players one free gem every day (when you log into the game) between February 25 and March 10. What does this mean to you?


Well, gems are the in-game currency, which normally require an IAP to get your hands on. So this isn’t the usual F2P type of giveaway, when you’re offered a virtual currency that doesn’t really cost the dev any actual cash. This is a pretty sweet deal, and makes it the perfect time to get into One Piece Treasure Cruise if you’re not already.

Gems are used to expand your allowance for characters, all of which are derived from the original manga series, and for five gems you can buy brand new characters to add to your roster. So even if you don’t get into the depths of play over the next week and a bit, it’s worth quickly logging in to grab your freebie.

One Piece Treasure Cruise is available for both iOS and Android right now, over on their respective stores.