Final Fantasy fans will tell you they keep coming back to the legendary series for its story and characters. Don’t wave off the games’ battles, though: Many of them are epic. Do you recall the four-tiered fight with Kefka in Final Fantasy VI? The rooftop face-off with Rufus in Final Fantasy VII? The fight with good old “Knock You Down” Garland in the first game?

Square-Enix remembers. And it wants to help you remember with an English release of Final Fantasy: Record Keeper for iOS and Android.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper lets you build a party of classic Final Fantasy characters to have another go at some of the series’ iconic enemies and bosses. The graphics are sprite-based and resemble Square-Enix’s 16-bit fare, so get ready for 2D recreations of 3D heroes like Lightning, Tidus, and Squall.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper utilizes Final Fantasy’s famous active time battle (ATB) system, which lets characters and bad guys wail on each other once their ATB meter has filled up. The game also allows you to call up famous Summons, and equip your fighters with iconic weapons and armor. Fighting dragons in the nude is never recommended.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is already a huge hit in Japan, and we expect Final Fantasy fans will be all over it like fire on Ifrit. It’s free to download, and hits the App Store and Google Play in the springtime.