Tree Men Games are nearing completion of the next free update for PAKO, their popular car chase simulator game for mobile devices.

PAKO lets players hop behind the wheel of a getaway vehicle, attempting to evade law enforcement for as long as possible.

With a release date of February 26, the ‘Airport’ update will, for the first time ever, allow players to move around on foot outside of a vehicle. This new gameplay mechanic goes hand-in-hand with the player’s ability to then steal any car they come across, opening up some exciting possibilities for future gameplay in PAKO.

Tree Men Games have also promised that more free maps are on the way.

In the comments section of their latest video update, the developers said, “[A] bigger map pack #2 update is [in] the works and will add several new maps.” As with all previous updates, the map pack update will also be free.

PAKO released last summer for Windows Phone, and made the transition to Android and iOS last fall.