Zombies and monkeys and bridges, oh my! This weeks assortment of new games dabbles in a wide variety of themes, and just as wide a variety of genres. If you’re looking for something new to play this week, you shouldn’t have much trouble picking from the list below.

Did we somehow miss your favorite? Let our readers know about the best game you’ve played this week in the comments.

Alto’s Adventure

alto's adventure

Ready to hit the slopes? Alto’s Adventure is a snowboarding game that’s as much about the aesthetic as it is the gameplay. Great visuals, a great soundtrack, and solid controls make this endless boarder a joy to play. Stay tuned for our full review later today.

Jolly Jam


The Rovio Stars program has just graduated its latest candidate. Developed by Magic Tavern, Jolly Jam brings a genuinely unique twist to matching games – players will draw giant boxes with their fingers to capture all of the matching colors inside.

AERENA: Masters Edition


Aerena: Clash of Champions was a fun and accessible multiplayer strategy game that, despite how much we enjoyed it, never really managed to catch on in the way a mobile game needs to. Was it the free-to-play formula? Cliffhanger Productions seems to think so: that’s why they’ve killed the desktop F2P version completely, and have released a paid version on mobile that still exists alongside its free counterpart.

World Zombination


Promising more than 50 unique units, World Zombination is a game of PvP zombie survival that lets players choose between the shambling zombie horde or humanity’s last stand.



Looking for your next puzzle fix? Maybe it’s iO, a physics platformer about growing, shrinking and rolling. The game appeared on desktops last year and was received largely positively, even receiving some award nominations.



This week’s ‘tiny game’ obsession. Grow a bridge tall enough to cross the gap, then drop it and see if it fits. If it’s too big or too small, it’s game over. This is proving more addictive than it sounds.

AG Drive

ag drive

Seriously Sony, just make a Wipeout for mobile already. Until you do, someone is going to have to fill your shoes, no matter how big they might be. Can AG Drive do it? Our fingers are tightly crossed.

Swap Heroes 2

swap heroes 2

Think Swap Heroes, but… y’know. Two-ier. Puzzling meets RPG gameplay once again, with new heroes, enemies, and other tweaks aimed to please fans of the original and newcomers alike.

Regular Show – Grudgeball: Enter the Chaosphere

grudgeball regular show

Futuristic fake sports are sometimes the coolest things in video games. Just ask Base Wars. The folks at Cartoon Network clearly agree, and have created a 3v3 tournament of champions starring the not-so-futuristic folks of the animated series Regular Show.

Merchants of Kaidan


Can you start life with a single cart and trade your way to riches? Merchants of Kaidan mixes elements of trading with role-playing and narrative to create a potentially unique experience in the world of tycoon sims.

Switch & Drop


Cycle through a row of colors to line up matches in this unique twist on falling blocks games, brought to you by Unscientific Lab and published by Chillingo.

Imps in Tokyo


Fly around the sky saving dreams (and dodging nightmare creatures) in this side-scrolling game with a great art style and the promise of story-driven gameplay.

Monkey King Escape


An endless runner based on the 16th century Chinese novel Journey to the West? And it’s by Ubisoft? That’s just about strange enough to make my head hurt, but as a free download, I’m sure I’ll be giving this a once over.

Moto Joe


It looks like the unholy love child of ExciteBike and Super Mario Bros., and like a lot of popular skills-challenge games, it has a “throw your iPhone through the wall” level of difficulty. Take that for what it’s worth.