It’s not often that we take time to salute the work of our competitors, but to quote Jim Varney’s memorable appearance on The Simpsons, “we were beaten by the best.”

Like most anyone who’s taken the time to learn the names of individual game creators, we’re big fans of Adam Saltsman. Canabalt invented a genre, Hundreds kept us mesmerized for weeks, and we’ve all but forgiven him for Girl on Fire. In the world of mobile gaming, Adam Saltsman is an elder statesman.

And PocketTactics has the exclusive details on his next project, Overland.


If you’re as interested in Saltsman’s next game as we are, you really should read the full interview. To whet you’re appetite though, here are some highlights of what you can expect from Overland:

  • it will be a turn-based tactical game with a focus on being accessible to everyone
  • it won’t favor simplicity over complexity, but will instead be about “making choices and outcomes crystal clear”
  • it will be set “in an alternate Earth that got derailed around the turn of last century,” and will focus on survivors heading across the United States, from east coast to west
  • Saltsman has assembled a team of co-conspirators to bring his vision to life: friend and developer Shay Pierce, artist Heather Penn, and audio director Jocelyn Reyes are all working on Overland
  • They’re hoping to launch it on mobile devices (and PC, and potentially other platforms) this summer

But enough of the top-level stuff. To learn more about Overland, Saltsman’s new company Finji, and other projects in the works, be sure to check out the full PocketTactics interview.