Like a lot of mobile gamers, I’m a sucker for a good CCG. Heck – there’s a reason Hearthstone was our iPad and Android Game of the Year in 2014. And while fresh games in this genre that combine satisfying depth with accessible basics are few and far between, we’re always keeping out eyes out for the next great card game.

As of now, it seems like we merely need turn our eyes towards the Western Front. today announced the latest game in their stable of World War II titles, and for the first time, it’s not a straight up simulation. World of Tanks Generals will be a CCG that has players building decks of American, German and Soviet cards that you’ll use to do battle on the front lines.

Initially, during a closed beta test, the game will be available on desktop browsers only. (You can apply to join it now). But has confirmed that the game will be coming to iOS and Android devices “in the future.”


This isn’t the only interesting CCG on the horizon (Earthcore, I’m looking in your direction), but considering World of Tanks Blitz also made an appearance during our Best of 2014 coverage, World of Tanks Generals sounds a little like the merging of chocolate and peanut butter to us.

We’ll find out just how tasty that is when the game launches on iOS and Android. (We’re just not sure when).