Mi-Clos Studio cleaned up in the gaming awards last year with its unique blend of sci-fi, resource management and dazzling artwork in Out There, so naturally the French developer has our immediate attention when a new game is announced.

The news came via French publication Games Magazine that its next title is in the works, called Sigma Theory. Players will be cast as the head of a covert government organization in the middle of a technological cold war.  Just like Out There it promises a science fiction edge to its political thriller blade as you work to destabilize, sabotage and ultimately overthrow other global superpowers.

“For a long time I wanted to put the player into a character that carries a lot of responsibility, who has power but is accountable, like a CEO,” PocketTactics translates from the original Games Magazine interview with Mi-Clos founder Michael Peiffert. “[That kind of person] is subject to a lot of pressure, and might be forced to make immoral decisions. Imagine something like House of Cards, where the higher you climb the greater the fall if you fail.”


Drawing on contemporary themes such as the slew of real life, controversial high-level leaks (Snowden and the likes), Sigma Theory will feature a powerful storyline along with turn-based political espionage gameplay. It’s well into development already, and will support iOS, Android and PC.

So this looks set to be a busy year for Mi-Clos Studios, given that an interactive fiction version of Out There is also in the planning, along with the expanded Omega Edition.

Better start making some room on your phone, right?