If you’re a fan of Clash of Clans, this is going to be a very busy week for you. Three new games inspired by that formula have popped up, but they all bring something unique and fresh to the table. In fact, two aren’t even played from the same perspective! Fans of the genre should be sure to check them all out (assuming they can pull themselves away from the DomiNations soft-launch).

Hate Clash of Clans? Don’t worry. There are plenty of new games for everyone this week. Let us know what you’re playing in the comments below.

King of Thieves


ZeptoLab’s hotly anticipated platformer/base defense game is finally here, and it’s a free download, so you can form your own opinions about it rather quickly. Here’s the short version on what to expect: raid other players dungeons through auto-running platformer skills, and build your own dungeon to squash the hopes and dreams of everyone else.



Originally released on Android (you can find our review here), Auro is a game about bumping enemies — and they’re all too keen to bump you back. It offers plenty of strategy, and even more personality. Our only complaint back in October was that it still needed some polish and tweaking. Hopefully that’s happened in the ensuing months, leading to a spectacular iOS release.

Mighty Switch Force! Hose it Down!

Mighty Switch Force! Hose It Down!

The popular Mighty Switch Force series makes its mobile debut, albeit as a puzzle game rather than a platformer. Guide water to put out fires as you slide blocks and save lives.

Fort Raiders SMAAASH!


The studio behind Tenchu has brought a brand new, sideview perspective to base-defense games like Clash of Clans. And no, we don’t mean like King of Thieves. It’s a weird week for base defense.

Tank Operations: European Campaign


War is hell, and now you can relive a lot of it. Tank Operations: European Campaign recreates 12 historical scenarios for strategy gamers to play through. Wargamers, you know what to do.



Match-3 meets falling blocks? Puzzle games, you’ve just found your peanut butter and chocolate.

Gang Nations

gang nations

Playdemic, aka the folks behind Village Life and Gourmet Ranch, try their hand at Clash of Clans-style base-building this week. Unlike other games in the genre though, this one adds a unique twist: the ability to create paths to funnel your enemies, like a tower defense game.



If you think you’ve played every permutation of chess there is, you’re mistaken. This one is a roguelike using Chess-style moves. If you loved BoxPop last year, this should be right up your alley.

Capitalism Quest


Don’t let its simple graphics fool you; Capitalism Quest is a unique experiment in online gaming that’s well worth a look. You’ll pillage a land of natural resources, but as it’s a shared world, doing so will only make things harder for other players. Games as art? Maybe…

Flashout 2S


While we’ll always quietly hope that Sony might bring a Wipeout game to mobile, as it stands the best we can do is games that are Wipeout-like. And while we weren’t completely sold on the original Flashout, this spacey racey sequel is available for free – so there’s nothing to risk to see if things have improved.



The first microgame release from Mikey Shorts creators BeaverTap Games, Radical is pretty much exactly what you’re guessing from this screenshot. That said, we’ve been playing it in pre-release and very much approve of the final product. It’s the kind of high score drive that has no trouble getting its claws into you.

Starship Captain: Adventures in Alpha Sector


Do you miss the old days of BBS-style gaming? Are you even old and/or nerdy enough to know what that sentence means? Assuming you are, you’ll be pleased to have Space Captain – a new iPad game in the same spirit as old school dial-up games like TradeWars.

Daytona Rush


I know what you’re thinking, but no – this one isn’t connected to the popular SEGA arcade racer. That said, if you’re looking for another lane-swapping, behind-the-back motor challenge, Daytona Challenge is clearly your best bet this week. (Hey SEGA – why haven’t you made one of these?)

World of Khaos


It’s been a long while since we’ve seen a “stand your ground” style defense game that was worth a mention, but World of Khaos looks like a pretty nifty take on the genre, offering a “Borderlands by way of Lovecraft” aesthetic.