In a recent blog post, Legend of Grimrock developer Almost Human revealed that the iPad version of their 2012 game is “finally nearing completion.”

The post goes on to say that the iOS version is well into its (closed) beta testing phase, and that the entire game is now fully playable on the iPad.

A preview video was also posted in order to show off the game being played on an iPad. While there is no mention of an Android release, Almost Human developer Antti Tiihonen stated that if the iOS release proves successful enough, they will consider releasing the game for Android devices.

Legend of Grimrock originally released for Windows in April of 2012. In our review of Legend of Grimrock we praised the game for the fantastic dungeon-crawling experience it delivers, only finding fault with the environments feeling repetitive. The game was universally well-received, which prompted Almost Human to begin developing Legend of Grimrock 2, which released last October on PC – though there’s no word on that coming to mobile anytime soon.