We mobile gamers are a greedy bunch. We just consume and consume until there’s nothing left. But there’s always something left. The App Store is to gaming what Golden Corral is to a light snack. And Wednesday nights are when they restock the buffet.

The biggest game this week belongs to ZeptoLab, the Cut the Rope people — but it’s not the only one worth knowing about. Check out our top picks below, and check back tomorrow for a complete round-up.

King of Thieves


The makers of Cut the Rope will try to reinvent the wheel tonight, combining autorunner platforming with Clash of Clans-style base defense. Chocolate and peanut butter, or oil and water? Find out when our review hits shortly after release.

Mighty Switch Force! Hose it Down!

From Shantae to DuckTales Remastered, Wayforward make some pretty cool games. And the Mighty Switch Force platformer series for Nintendo platforms is no exception. The latest game in the series takes its first step out of the Big N’s territory, and tackles a completely different genre: Hose it Down! is a puzzler.


Best known for their Mikey Shorts series, BeaverTap Games are tackling something a bit lighter this week in the form of Radical: a high score drive aimed at those who’ve been gobbling up bite-sized skill challenges since last year’s Flappy Bird craze. BONUS: it might just have the greatest retro trailer ever.

Gang Nations

gang nations

Think Clash of Clans, but with a dose of Grand Theft Auto and the ability to create paths for enemies (like a tower defense game). Gamezebo was given an early look at Gang Nations at MGF London last month, and we were very impressed. Not only does Gang Nations offer a lot to enjoy in-game, but Playdemic has created a social network inside of Gang Nations to foster the sort of chatter you’d usually find in a Clash of Clans forum.