A parade of soft-launches has made it clear ZeptoLab isn’t content to rest on the comfortable bed it built with Om Nom and the Cut the Rope games. Survivor Squad, which appears to be the studio’s latest soft-launch, is now available on the Australian App Store.

Survivor Squad isn’t currently parked under ZeptoLab’s name. Instead, the game’s developer is credited as “Dmitriy Momzikov.” However, Dmitriy Momzikov is the same moniker King of Thieves soft-launched under back in June 2014, and ZeptoLab has since confirmed King of Thieves for a worldwide release this Thursday.


Slide Fight, another game by the mysterious Mr Momzikov, is also in soft-launch on the Canadian App Store. It combines battling, strategy, and curling, which is a combination after every Canadian’s heart (as Jim already pointed out).

Survivor Squad is a co-op multiplayer game that revolves around laying waste to zombies. There are weapons to find and upgrade, and tattooed pigs to eat for lunch.

No word yet on worldwide release dates for Slide Fight or Survivor Squad, but we’ll surely chatter about it in the coming weeks.

[h/t Touch Arcade]