Ready for your morning bummer? Spooky Pop, the match-3 ghost-bustin’ game from Supercell that soft-launched in Canada back in December, has been cancelled.

The news comes via a pop-up delivered in-game (and first spotted by Twitterati @heijari), and is seemingly confirmed by the game’s removal from the Canadian App Store.

While most successful developers seem eager to try and repeat their success by pumping out title after title, Supercell have remained fairly conservative. SinceĀ hitting it big in the Summer of 2012 with Clash of Clans and Hay Day, the studio has only brought a single title to market: the Clash of Clans-style Boom Beach.

Spooky Pop was an interesting turn into new territory for Supercell, offering a fresh take on match-3 combat that we genuinely enjoyed in its soft-launch period.

There’s no word on what Supercell will work on next, but with two games cementing themselves into a seemingly permanent position on the App Store’s Top 1o Grossing Games chart, they can afford to bide their time.