Acquire, the developer of famed Tenchu and Way of the Samurai series, has announced their newest game, Fort Raiders SMAAASH!, a free mobile game coming to iOS and Android devices next week.

Fort Raiders SMAAASH! is a 2D combat strategy game where players build their fortresses up by collecting resources and sacking other player’s fortresses. The goal of the game is to build your fort up, literally, in order to reach the fabled Temple in Sky. Housing vast riches, the Temple is guarded by the Dark Dragon of the Apocalypse (sounds like he doesn’t mess around) so players will need to proceed with caution.


Beyond the Dark Dragon of the Apocalypse, players will have to contend with raiders who are interested in sacking your own fortress. Training warriors will be the player’s best bet for a strong defense, as well as an effective offense. Venture to other fortresses and wreck their buildings to collect the resources that went into the destroyed objects. By destroying all the objects on a fortress level, the entire level will collapse down. Destroying multiple levels results in even better loot.

Acquire promises that there are “hundreds” of strategic combinations that players can tinker around with in their efforts to create an impenetrable fortresses that climbs up to the Temple in the Sky.

Our gut seems to be painting this as a sideways Clash of Clans, but they said the same about ZeptoLab’s King of Thieves (also launching next Thursday), and these two games couldn’t look more different.

Look for Fort Raiders SMAAASH! on February 12th for Android and iOS devices.