If you’re anything like me, you’ve had a long week of shoveling snow. And that means you’ve earned a rest… and a terribly sore back.

Let’s face it: you’re going to be on the couch anyway, so why not play a few new iOS games to pass the time? Just make sure to wash the excess Icy Hot off your hands first.

You do not want to get a muscle soreness rub on your Retina Display.

Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords

Game of Thrones Lost Lords

Telltale makes great games, and in terms of story, Game of Thrones is no exception. But for some reason the iOS version struggles to perform well. This was the case with the first episode, and we’re sorry to report that we’ve had the same experience with Episode 2. Still – if you’re a die hard Game of Thrones fan, you’ll probably want to push through the frustration.

  • Download (Episode 2 requires an additional in-app purchase)

Transformers: Battle Tactics


DeNA’s latest Transformers game offers turn-based strategy and big-headed cuteness. Is it a winning combination? Stay tuned for our review early next week to find out.

Hyper Maze Arcade


The latest “this is deceptively simple, impossibly difficult, and now I’m swearing loudly” game sees players trying to navigate a maze as the screen continues to scroll. Don’t get left behind.

Midnight Star

Midnight Star shooter

Can Alex Seropian, one of the co-founders of Halo-creator Bungie, re-invent shooters on mobile? At the low low price of free, it will cost you nothing to find out.

One Player Pong


Mobile gaming can be a lonely experience. Celebrate that loneliness with a game of solo Pong.



One of the coolest little PC games of the last few years comes to mobile. Walk through a small chunk of gaming’s history as you unlock every gameplay element imaginable, from moving left to Mode 7.

The Hardest Flight


The latest Chillingo-published title is another little “how far can you go?” test of skill. Tilt your device to guide your ship, but also touch the side of the screen that corresponds to the color of gates. It’s a little like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time.

Nobody Said It Was Easy


A retro-inspired series of single-screen challenges, players can only move forward and jump, turning when they hit a wall.

Soul Seeker


Com2Us is back with another free-to-play RPG adventure. This time we’re looking at an action-RPG with 3D models. If you’re a fan of past Com2Us releases, we’re thinking you’ll be pretty pleased with what Soul Seeker has to offer.

Pro Feel Golf


It’s been awhile since we’ve had a simulation-style golf game on the App Store. This one is promising “more realism and precision than ever before.” Fingers crossed. (Except, you know… not when you’re actually playing)

Dark Echo


If you’re a fan of audio-based adventures like Papa Sangre, you’ll want to perk your ears up for Dark Echo: a sound exploration game that challenges players to complete 80 different levels.

Odd Bot Out


Available as of a few days ago, Odd Bot Out is a physics puzzle game that left us absolutely charmed. Read our Odd Bot Out review to find out why.

Plug & Play


More an art piece than a game, Plug & Play is based on a 2012 short film by Michael Frei. There’s little in the way of challenge, and you can finish it in one short sitting, but it’s a unique example of interactive entertainment that the App Store is that much richer for having.




The Detail: Episode 1


A point-and-click style adventure, The Detail combines combines interactive comics with traditional gameplay as players take up the role of a police detective on a murder investigation.

Immortal Odyssey


If you’re intrigued by Chinese myths, 2D RPGs, and/or Gameloft, Immortal Odyssey is probably an easy download to make this week. The art here is gorgeous, and it’s an interesting step into more common F2P fare for Gameloft. Let’s hope they’ve managed to bring something new to the genre.

Pocket Shrek


While I’m not going to put Shrek in my pocket, I’ll bet there are plenty of kids out there who will. If you have a little one whose hooked on Talking Tom and Shrek, this seems like a no brainer.

TNT Master


KABOOM! KABLAMMO! EXPLODE! The “carefully placed dynamite” genre has been quiet on the App Store for a few years now. Could TNT Master be its explosive return?

Sinking Feeling


While our first instincts were “oh look, another game about skillfully passing through gates,” we can’t help but be intrigued by the developer attached. It’s the same dev that brought us Toast Time, which was awesome.

Ammo Pigs


If you need another way to scratch your 16-bit action itch, Ammo Pigs is the latest game to have that covered. “In the future, highly evolved pigs battle sentient slaughterhouse machines for survival.” What’s not to like?